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 This site features the beautiful Pacific Northwest's Salmon Fisheries within

Washington State , USA

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Also included is a complete comprehensive list of the regulatory agencies for your state. 

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2017 West Marine Northwest Salmon Derby Series Schedule


Roche Harbor: January 19-21 | Sold Out

Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby: February 17-19

Everett Blackmouth Derby: March 18

Port Angeles Halibut Derby: May TBA

Bellingham Salmon Derby: July 14-16

The Big One Salmon Derby: July 26-30

South King County PSA Salmon Derby: August 5

Gig Harbor PSA Salmon Derby: August 12

Columbia River Fall Salmon Derby: August 26

Vancouver Chinook Classic: August 26-27

Willapa Bay Salmon Derby: September 2

Edmonds Coho Derby: TBA

Everett Coho Derby: September 23-24

Bayside Marine Salmon Derby: TBA

2016 Resurrection Salmon Derby (Anacortes): December 2 3

2016 Friday Harbor Salmon Classic: December 1  3



FIND your spot here !           ....Pacific Northwest Shoreline Photos and Mapping


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Jeff with a couple of nice fish  and  Gene with a Monster ling!



Pacific Salmon and Fishing Information

Types of Salmon

There are five species of Pacific Salmon, comprise one of the most valuable fishery resources of the United States. The spring salmon arrive first, large Chinook in late May and early June. Next the Sockeye, then Coho, and finally the Chum. In the winter, during the off season, it is the Steelhead which is closely related to the Atlantic salmon. 

Chinook: Average size 10 to 15 pounds, up to 135 pounds. Soft in texture, very rich in oil, and separates into large flakes, making it excellent for salads and recipes calling for large pieces. Chinook salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon, with some individuals growing to more than 100 pounds. These huge fish are rare, as most mature Chinook are under 50 pounds. Kings run in the spring. 

Sockeye or Red: Average size 5 to 8 pounds, up to 15 pounds. Has deep red meat and considerable oil, is of firm texture, and breaks into smaller flakes, making it attractive for hot dishes and salads. Sockeye are the most flavorful Pacific salmon. These run from late spring through summer and contains less oil than kings. 

Coho or Silver: Average size 6 to 12 pounds, up to 31 pounds. Is large flaked, a lighter red than sockeye, and is good in all dishes. Coho are a very popular sport fish in Puget Sound. This species uses coastal streams and tributaries, and is often present in small neighborhood streams. Coho can even be found in urban settings if their needs of cold, clean, year-round water are met. They run in the fall

Chum or Dog: Average size 10 to 15 pounds, up to 33 pounds. Large flaked, very light in color, low in oil, and is especially suitable for cooked dishes where color is not important. Male chum salmon develop large "teeth" during spawning, which resemble canine teeth. This many explain the nickname dog salmon. It is also said they are called Dog Salmon since they are commonly dried and used for feeding dog teams during winter. 

Pink or Humpback: Average size 3 to 5 pounds, up to 12 pounds. Male pink salmon develop a large hump on their back during spawning, hence the nickname humpback salmon. This is the smallest of the fall-spawning Pacific salmon species and is used for canning



 The State Fishing and Hunting Regulatory Agencies



ALABAMA - Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
ALASKA - Alaska Department of Fish & Game
ARIZONA - Arizona Game & Fish
ARKANSAS - Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
CALIFORNIA - California Department of Fish & Game
COLORADO - Colorado Division of Wildlife
CONNECTICUT - Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
DELAWARE - Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife
FLORIDA - Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
GEORGIA - Georgia Wildlife Resources Division
HAWAII - Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources
IDAHO - Idaho Fish & Game Commission
ILLINOIS - Illinois Department of Natural Resources
INDIANA - Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife
IOWA - Iowa Fish & Wildlife Division
KANSAS - Kansas  Parks & Wildlife
KENTUCKY - Kentucky Fish & Wildlife
LOUISIANA - Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
MAINE - Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
MARYLAND - Maryland  Wildlife & Heritage Division
MASSACHUSETTS - Mass. Wildlife
MICHIGAN - Michigan Department of Natural Resources
MINNESOTA - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
MISSISSIPPI - Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
MISSOURI - Missouri Department of Conservation
MONTANA - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
NEBRASKA - Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
NEVADA - Nevada Division of Wildlife
NEW HAMPSHIRE - New Hampshire Fish & Game Department
NEW JERSEY - New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife
NEW MEXICO - New Mexico - Game & Fish
NEW YORK - New York Department of Environmental Conservation
NORTH CAROLINA - North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
NORTH DAKOTA - North Dakota Game & Fish Department
OHIO - Ohio Division of Wildlife
OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
OREGON - Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania Game Commission
RHODE ISLAND - Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
SOUTH CAROLINA - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
SOUTH DAKOTA - South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks
TENNESSEE - Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency
TEXAS - Texas Parks & Wildlife
UTAH - Utah  Division of Wildlife Resources
VERMONT - Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
VIRGINIA - Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries
WASHINGTON - Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
WEST VIRGINIA - West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
WISCONSIN - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
WYOMING - Wyoming Game & Fish Department




.... here's a couple for the box!





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